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Our Commitment to You...

We are a collective of social workers, sex workers, sexy workers, artists, advocates, and educators. All of our intersecting social identities combined with our shared resilience and struggle brought us together to resist against oppression with joy. Together, we do what we love most which is sharing our passion in anti-oppression practices with you by co-creating deeper awareness and more intentional action.

We embody practices from transformative justice, trauma-informed & decolonized mental health, disability justice, community organizing, human development, inclusive arts,  and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. These diverse lenses are centered on curiosity and compassion so that we can be fully present when we engage in the learning process with you. We do not just talk about curiosity and compassion; we be about it. 

We will match your commitment to exercise your privilege and power for equity with our own commitment to be with you and think through the questions you have. Together, we will explore what concrete steps make the most sense for you to own and act on. No question is too small or too silly. We got you. Let’s get to work together.

Ready to learn with us?

1. Submit your questions here.
2. The Collective members will get back to you within seven days.
3. Share your knowledge and action on your social media and in your social circles.


Our Collective...

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